We’re asking teenage girls about the stock market, as soon as they reply to our creepy “hey” message

why she playin?

Here at Up or What we are interested in stock market perspectives from every demographic, not just out of touch old dudes. To prove this we’re launching a campaign asking hundreds of teenage girls from around the world their thoughts on the stock market, and we’ll post their answers as soon as they respond to the “hey” message we sent them to make sure they’re at their computer so we can ask our questions.


It’s been about a week now. None of the girls we texted “hey” to responded. They must have been really busy and forgot about it. Or maybe they’re playing coy ;). It’s cool, we’ll just send them the ol’ “hey” again to remind them that we’ve got really important questions about the stock market to ask them.

Update 2: 

Weird, still no response. No problem, we’ll just wait a couple weeks so we don’t seem desperate, and then give them a “heyyy” with three y’s. This will show that we’re a fun and laid back stock market news publication.

Update 3: 

What the heck, dozens of different heys at different times of the day and still nothing!Obviously we’re doing something wrong here. Maybe we need to compliment them? Teenage girls do love compliments. It’s 1am right now, they’re probably sleeping…

Here we go, “Hello beautiful, you up?”


Update 4: 

Something is wrong. None of these girls have responded and some even blocked us. They must have looked at our profile and realized that we are a nice stock market news publication. Girls these days are only interested in douchebag stock market news publications.

Update 5: 

Since we didn’t get any response from the girls we messaged we’re killing this article. If any teenage girls are reading this and want to answer our questions feel free to message our Facebook page.

The questions we were going to ask are posted below:

  1. What are you up to?
  2. Do you like nice stock markets or jerks?
  3. Can you please send us uncensored screencaps of your portfolio?