Season 1, Episode 9: Pork Barrel Spending

The market falls flat after a week of gains and Tim is mysteriously AWOL, so friend of the show Brett Mercer stops by the studio to fill in for him. Brett is a founder and co-CEO of Chuckie Finster Inc, member of political punk band Pork Barrel Spending, and creator of a new currency, the Chuck Buck.

On Today’s show:

  • Is the Bats IPO bats shit crazy?
  • Is time ticking down for the Apple watch, would you buy an Apple car, and what music does Siri listen to?
  • Will Bernie Sanders trip to the Vatican bring the bulls to the collection plate?
  • Is there a bubble in the market, and does Ted Cruz even understand how juicers work?
  • Brett explains how Chuck Bucks work and where you can go to print one for yourself.
  • Tops and Bottoms: American Farmland and Acorn are on top, but somehow Super Micro Computer and China Distance Education Holding are the ones pulling out.
  • Facebook questions:
    • Is there a future in expired groceries?
    • What is the proper sin tax syntax?
    • Can you get out of paying on a 1099-Div?
    • Is there a future in your frontin?
  • F#ck/Marry/Kill with stocks: Shell, BP, Marathon
  • Bulls Vs. Bears: Which are better, stories about bulls or stories about bears?
  • Where is the market going?¬†Where is the market playbook?