Season 1, Episode 10: Mergers and Purgers


Tim is back in the studio and ready to answer your money questions! The Prince Price wasn’t right, should you buy or sell your Prince collection? Is the CEO of Milton Bradley’s jail time worthy of the board’s no confidence vote? Who gives a sh!t about Alexander Hamilton? What is a stock market, and how do you properly negotiate the price of a gefilte fish? What happened in the 1930’s that made everyone so sad?

Also in this episode!

Can Tim and Allen handle a podcast name change, and who is King of the Market, brought to you by Burger King?
F$ck/Marry/Kill with Stocks: Coffee edition
Bondage Time: Chuck Reynolds, PI tails Allen’s girlfriend to test the bonds of love. Does he find Herb Ilzarhigh?
Bull or Bear: Ditka vs Jordan, Allen vs. Craig Lou, Bullshit vs Bearshit.
Tops and Bottoms: Wacky morning DJs on top, Allen buys Under Armor by accident, Equestrian Equity
Ending Rant: It’s not opposite day on the market. There’s no New Market, we’re still in Market Classic.