Season 1, Episode 11: How to Make a Billion Dollars

Tim and Allen are having issues with a truck so Up or What CEOs Mort and Eddie are filling in and ready to teach you how to make a billion dollars. It doesn’t sound as hard as it is, so make sure to listen so you can learn

an easy, fool proof way to make a billion dollars!

Also in this episode,

  • Alternative places to hide your gold.
  • Bull vs. Bear: What other animals are in the market?
  • F#ck/Marry/Kill with Stocks: Wal Mart, Amazon, Netflix
  • We call CEO suicide expert Xavier to talk about the suicide of a natural gas CEO ask which CEOs are next
  • Mort tells a harrowing story about saving the kids from his fourth marriage from a house fire.
  • Smock’s Stocks: Eddie hacks into Allen’s trading account. Is Under Armour going under? Should Allen have invested in Over Armour?

This episode is brought to you by Rex’s Scuba Diving down on Beaubian: “Scuba Diving Mask. No Questions Asked.”

Make a Billion Dollars