Season 1, Episode 12: Fear is Running the Market

After an unexpected absence last week, Tim and Allen are back in the studio and ready to take your questions!

On today’s episode:

  • The market is down, and so is Fogo de Chao. Will they go back up a Brazilian points?
  • Tim had Taco Tuesday at Janet Yellen’s house, how authentic were her Mexicans?
  • Will Montgomery Wards rise from the dead or will Allen’s friends stop asking stupid Facebook questions?
  • We help a listener balance his pride against his celebrity cat’s earnings.
  • Beatnik poetry about the stock market
  • Smock’s Stocks: How to accidentally diversify your portfolio
  • Bull or Bear: Bull Products vs Bear Products
  • Eddie stops by to cheer Tim up and tell us about our exciting new sponsor, and we taco bout it!
  • Ending Rant: Fear is running the market, how can you protect yourself against the bears and also your bosses?

Today’s episode of Up or What is brought to you by Steve’s Discount Armored Truck Rentals in Corktown. Armored trucks can transport more than just money, and it’s just as hard getting out of them as it is getting in. So call Steve. He ain’t asking no questions.