In Honor of World Book Day, Here’s a Picture of Some Old Books

book daySome old books

Today, March 3rd, is World Book Day.

On World Book Day we honor the existence of books and their importance in the stock market. Heck, without books there would be no stock market. It’s easy today to sit and watch as your computers chart and graph out how the market is doing and how much a stock was sold for, but back in ancient Egypt traders on the New York Stock Exchange had no idea how computers worked so they would use books and track all of the sales by hand.

Just imagine a world where there were no books. Scary right? When we had a good day on the market, nobody would be able to say “This is one for the books.” When a hedge fund manager gets arrested for operating a Ponzi Scheme, the police wouldn’t be able to say “book him.”  Our entire economy would crumble.

So in honor of World Book Day, here is a picture of some old books.

book day

Some old books

Wow. Just imagine all of the things that could be inside of those books! Maybe it’s something about business or money, or maybe it’s even something more exciting like a history book or a work of fiction. But these are definitely books, and they are definitely old. How do we know?

Here are 3 ways you can tell if a books are old just by looking at them.

1. They look all old and stuff

Books that look old, tend to be old. Of course sometimes publishers will try to make new books look old, so make sure all three criteria are met when determining if a book is actually old.

2.  They are tattered in a way that is for sure old and not new

Even publishers who are trying to pass new books off as old books will make sure that you can read the title and that the cover is on and the binding isn’t falling apart. Also see if they’re missing pages. New books are rarely ever missing pages.

3. It has that “old book” smell

If you are looking at a book and it smells like an old book then you can tell just by looking at it that it’s old. Experts agree the best way to tell if a book is old or not when shopping for them online is to follow your nose.

I hope that cleared some things up! Happy World Book Day!