Season 1, Episode 8: Standards and Poor People

Up or Down Podcast Episode 8

Tim and Allen are sick of Standards and Poor people, in this episode they argue which presidential candidate will put an end to poor people once and for all. But will the candidate most likely to kill all the poor be able to provide the throbbing market discipline that high powered CEOs crave? To the delight of Tim the stock market takes a bit of a tumble, but there are no ceilings on Wall Street to stop its move to infinity! Bet on the tops, if you bet on the bottoms the tops will blow them out and leave a gaping hole in your portfolio.

Meanwhile Allen worries that his girl is spending her money on a mysterious other man, Herb Izarhigh, and plots a way to catch them in the act, while Tim considers paying his ex-wife Marci a friendly visit. Up or What executives Mort and Eddie stop by to deliver bad news about the Hedgehog hedge fund startup. Chad, who has supposedly been our only intern for the past 8 weeks, gets pulled in to talk about what happened to previous interns Shelly and Rudy, and there’s something disturbingly suspicious about his answer.


  • Tim and Allen re-enact a scene from the movie Wall Street
  • Are Grappling Hooks going up?
  • A pornography company is hiring a journalist, can Allen handle his pencil well enough?
  • Your Facebook Questions
    • How do you make money at home?
    • Is a star a good investment?
    • Where are some mediocre places to put your money?
  • F#ck/Marry/Kill: Market Index Edition
  • Bull or Bear: Make a case for the bulls and make a case for the bears.