Save Money By Convincing Others Jelly Beans are Currency

Save real money with fake jellybean money

Every year millions of Americans struggle to save money. Many Americans are just one small disaster away from financial ruin. Unfortunately, saving money requires a lot of discipline and a lot of sacrifices?

But what if we told you there was one weird trick that would make saving money a breeze, and all you have to do is convince everyone you owe money to that the US government has declared jelly beans as legal tender.

Here are 7 Steps to show you how.

1. Create a fake website and populate it with reputable looking articles


Look at this sweet domain!

Create a site with a legit sounding name. This will be hard because basically every good domain name is taken, but you can still make this work. For instance or are both currently available. Be creative! Get some cheap web hosting, slap a nice new theme on a WordPress install and then you can write pretty much anything you want, just make it look real-ish.

2. Publish an article that says that the US government has declared jelly beans as legal tender

Super Legit.

Seems legit.

Try to make it as real sounding as possible. Drop in lots of fake quotes and make up some fake reactions from the nation. Write other articles with different reactions from key players. This is the biggest news story of the century so it’s weird your lender didn’t hear about it. Make sure to include a chart that shows the jelly beans to dollars conversion ratio, this will vary depending on how many jelly beans you can afford and how much money you owe your creditors.

3. Buy a whole lot of jelly beans

Save real money with fake jellybean money

As many as you can afford. Empty your savings account and buy as many jelly beans as you can. See if you can deplete the local supply. The perceived increased demand will also cause the price of jelly beans to go up, which will help add to your story.

4. Start convincing people that jelly beans are legal tender

Keep a link to your article and a bunch of jelly beans handy at all times and meet your lenders in person. If they still don’t believe you, take them out for a few drinks and then try to convince them again. Don’t let up until they agree that jelly beans are legal tender.

5. Pay off your debts

Basically a thousand dollars

via Kent

Once they agree that you are correct, tell them you’d like to pay off your loan in one lump sum and give them the required amount of jelly beans. Make sure that they sign something saying that you’re cool.

6. Divert your now freed up monthly payments to your bank account

Now that your creditors have a bunch of worthless jelly beans you’re free to use money that would have been going to them to go to your savings account!

7. Save on!

By this point you should have all the tools you need to save hundreds and thousands of dollars! We haven’t tested this ourselves yet but we’re pretty sure this plan is rock solid! Give it a shot and let us know if you run into any snags. Just remember that we’re not liable for any laws that this might break (probably some).