Six Google Image Searches that Will Get you Through the Bear Market

Welp, looks like we’re in a bear market. Here’s six things you can search on Google Images to feel better about yourself.

1. Cute Bears


Aww look at these cute bears! See a bear market might not be bad after all! Many times bears are just babies, maybe this bear market will mostly be cute baby bears!

2. Bears Eating Bulls


What would you prefer a bull market? Look at these images of bears fighting bulls where the bear is coming out on top. makes you feel a lot better now, right?

3. Sleeping Bears


Here’s a nice reminder that bears can go to sleep. Sometimes they sleep for weeks even! Maybe this bear market will go to sleep soon as well!

4. Tiny Bears


Some bears are so small mice can hold them! Sure, those are teddy bear markets, and there’s no word from Wall Street yet as to whether this bear market is a teddy bear market, it feels nice to imagine all the money you are losing as a tiny bear you could hold in your hand!.

5. Goofy Bears


Look at those bears being goofy! Some of them are even disguised as silly moose! See, this bear market is really not scary at all!

6. Attractive Bears


This one redirects to handsome beards! Look at these attractive men who have money! Think about all the money they’re probably losing if they don’t have good business sense! Their pain is your slightly boosted self esteem!