Season 1, Episode 1: This Podcast Is Going Up

It’s the premiere episode of The Up Or Down Podcast with Tim and Allen and this one’s going up right through the roof!

Featured Segments

Is the market going up, or what?
A word from our fake sponsor, Sun Made Raisins
We are not on Wall Street
Should Marty McFly have grabbed a book on stocks?
Stock Quote of the Day
The Fickle Fiscal Market
Raisins: Up or Down?
Lead Pipes: Up or Down?
Smock’s Stocks: Portfolio Breakdown
Death Hands: Up or Down?
Periscope is the next wave.
Bull or Bear?
Fucking Angry Money
Another word from Sun Made
A quick thank you to our listeners
Facebook Questions
Meat Stocks: Bear or Bull?
Up or Down: Rapid Fire!
Fonzi Schemes
Bondage Time

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