Season 1, Episode 2: Tim and Allen Get Unched



In this week’s episode Tim and Allen learn a new word, tweet at the Pope, and play f%#k/marry/kill with stocks. Meanwhile the market goes sideways, Apple gets unched, and dock shoes get a huge bump.

Featured Segments

Episode 2 of the Up or What Podcast is up!
Featured Segments

Up or What?:
Shout out to the Queen of England
Is the Market Going Sideways?
Apple is UNCHED!
The P and the E are going down. What sandwich should you eat?
Research Time! Tim and Allen learn about the IXIC
Smock’s portfolio is Unched
Allen trusts Tim’s mustache
Ted Cruz gives Netflix a stock boost
El Chapo boosts Umbrella Corps
Tweet the Pope to bring him to Flint, MI
Is the Market Going to Rally? Brought to you by Checkers
Hot Commodity or Not Commodity
This little piggy goes to slaughter.
Bull or Bear?
Things that bulls and bears fight on Youtube
Fuck Marry or Kill, with Stocks
Bondage Time
Facebook Questions
Lightning Round
Which stocks have jumped the shark?
Will Donald Drumpf’s internment camps shoot IBM through the roof?
More currents in the market than the Flint Market
Old tech vs new tech
Allen considers selling his money to the highest bidder.