Season 1, Episode 3: Tim and Allen Have a Growth Baby


The market is in a death spiral! Can Tim and Allen give birth to a growth baby?

Important Questions we Address in this Episode:

Are we out of the woods yet, and where are the bulls and bears?
How do you fit a bit coin into a stripper’s G-String?
Insider Trading: Which bank might start printing its own money?
Is there a bull in Exotic Bear Markets?
Which stocks are showers and which are growers?
Should the NYSE install Twin Draft Guards?
Which commodities are hot and which ones are not?
Chicago Bears vs. Chicago Bulls, which windy city animal would win at hockey?
What is your market spirit animal?
F@#%/Marry/Kill with stocks: Which social media platform needs to die?
Hug IOUs at 2% interest over 20 years, is a handy in your future?
Could a new method of serving peas drastically lower your hors d’oeuvres costs?
What do you do if someone shorts your bond?
Fonzi Scheme: Which stocks should you sit on?
Why aren’t physics free?
Are we having this growth baby or what?

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