Season 1, Episode 7: Crunched by the Unch

The market is unchy this week, much to the irritation of Tim and Allen. Do Tim and Allen have what it takes to start a hedge fund? Which is easier, bull fighting or bear hunting? Will Allen’s band Municipal Bonds go on tour, and is Tim along for the ride? Plus, we play a metal version of Hot Commodity or not Commodity, spoiler: Smockium and Pallallyum are NOT commodities! Also in this episode Allen suggests a new name for Time Warner, but makes a terrible faux pas in the process. Tim suggests Allen get some meds to control his emotions, and Allen blows up on him. Meanwhile our intern Rudy seems to be missing, nobody knows where he is, not even our sound engineer Craig Lou. Due to some financial troubles Allen considers finding supplemental employment at Gold Man Sacks, but Google keeps redirecting him to some other company’s website.