Season 1, Episode 13: A New Market

The market is down, Facebook considers a future without Zuckerberg, and Tim starts dating someone eerily similar to his ex-wife. Tim and Allen deal with a technical issue caused by sound engineer Craig Lou, will this make Craig’s grandma’s birthday party awkward?

Also on this episode!

  • Facebook Questions
    • Buy or sell lip gloss?
    • How do I turn 15 cents into a billion dollars?
    • When should I stop investing?
    • Why haven’t we declared bananas as the official US currency? #bananastandard
    • Johnny Depp or Johnny Deep?
  • Fvck Marry Kill with stocks
    • Bank of America, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley
    • Xerox, Lexmark, Canon
    • Whole foods, trader Joe’s, Aldi’s
  • The Dollar is getting weak, can you help make it stronger?

Note: in this episode Allen incorrectly states that American Apparel is going through liquidation. It is actually Sports Authority that is liquidating.