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The Up or Down Podcast with Tim and Allen

Grow your investment portfolio to infinity! Attack the volatile world of the stock market with the most efficient and effective satirical analysis known to man and gods. Join financial gurus, Tim and Allen, as their revolutionary guidance leads you through today’s turbulent economy. They speak the language of money, and it’s not always politically correct. Sometimes you have to tell business to suck it.

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Season 1, Episode 8: Standards and Poor People

Tim and Allen are sick of Standards and Poor people, in this episode they argue which presidential candidate will put an end to poor people once and for all. But will the candidate most likely to kill all the poor be able to provide the throbbing market discipline that high powered CEOs crave? To the delight […]

Season 1, Episode 7: Crunched by the Unch

The market is unchy this week, much to the irritation of Tim and Allen. Do Tim and Allen have what it takes to start a hedge fund? Which is easier, bull fighting or bear hunting? Will Allen's band Municipal Bonds go on tour, and is Tim along for the ride? Plus, we play a metal version of Hot Commodity […]

Season 1, Episode 6: Municipal Bond Rocks Out

After a rocky episode 5 and a nearly disastrous run-in with his ex-wife, Tim is back on his meds. Meanwhile, Allen is forced to confront his failed music career and plays a song from his old conformipunk band, Municipal Bond. Uporwhat CEO Mort Silversen and his brother Eddie stop by to deliver some bad news […]

Season 1, Episode 5: Tim is Up and Down

Uh oh! The Fed announces that it's not hiking interest rates and Tim is off his meds. What does this mean for inflation, and will Allen survive Tim's manic depressive episode? Find out what's up and what's down, only on the Up or Down Podcast!

Season 1, Episode 4: James Bond's Bon-Bon Bonds

Hallelujah! The market has risen! Tim and Allen say goodbye to the bears of February and hello to the bulls of March! Featured Segments Which stock stocks should I buy? Bull or Bear: Who's longer in the tooth? Which companies are tops and which are bottoms? F#%K/Marry/Kill: Currency Edition Tim's funny tax return occupations There's coppers everywhere! […]

Season 1, Episode 3: Tim and Allen Have a Growth Baby

The market is in a death spiral! Can Tim and Allen give birth to a growth baby? Important Questions we Address in this Episode: Are we out of the woods yet, and where are the bulls and bears? How do you fit a bit coin into a stripper's G-String? Insider Trading: Which bank might start printing […]

Season 1, Episode 2: Tim and Allen Get Unched

  In this week's episode Tim and Allen learn a new word, tweet at the Pope, and play f%#k/marry/kill with stocks. Meanwhile the market goes sideways, Apple gets unched, and dock shoes get a huge bump. Featured Segments Episode 2 of the Up or What Podcast is up! Featured Segments Up or What?: Shout out to […]

Season 1, Episode 1: This Podcast Is Going Up

It's the premiere episode of The Up Or Down Podcast with Tim and Allen and this one's going up right through the roof! Featured Segments Is the market going up, or what? A word from our fake sponsor, Sun Made Raisins We are not on Wall Street Should Marty McFly have grabbed a book on stocks? […]