Yuan Devalued, Five Ways You Can Make It Feel Better

yuan devalued

In a shock move today, China devalued the Yuan. With the Yuan devalued, it’s feeling quite depressed right now, so let’s try and cheer it up! Here are five surefire ways to cheer the Yuan up and let it know that you’ve got its back through thick and thin.

1. Tell the Yuan it’s appreciated

Let the Yuan know that you appreciate it for existing, and just because your 401k took a huge tumble today due to the markets’ reaction to its devaluation doesn’t mean it’s any less of a currency. Remind it that “Any press is good press”, it’s understandably feeling bad because its devaluation made international headlines. Let it know that it’s at least cool that people are talking about it, it’s someone in the world community!

2. Yuan devalued? More like Yuan revalued!

Girl, you weren’t devalued, you were revalued! Remind the Yuan know that even though it seems like things are down right now, this is an opportunity to reinvent itself in a new place in the valuation charts. Maybe it’s time for a makeover!

3. Movie Night!

Take the Yuan out for a movie night! Invite a bunch of its friends, it’ll need them since the devaluation means the price will be going up.

4. Take it for a walk in a bad part of town

What better way to show the Yuan it’s wanted than a good old fashioned mugging?

5. Money bath!

This is a surefire way to make any currency feel better! Get a few hundred Yuan notes, toss them on your bed and jump into them! Nothing makes you feel richer than swimming in a bath of undervalued currency! And with the Yuan devalued, you’re sure to be able to get a lot more for a full bath! For an even better time throw a couple thousand pesos in there as well!